About ACI Homes

Welcome to Architectural Concrete Innovations (ACI). ACI is a General Contracting Company operating for over 17 years. Brian Johnson is the founder and CEO has been specializing in engineered concrete surfaces since the inception and has been an innovative industry leader in concrete. 

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Construction is one of the most innovative ways to build using a natural abundant resource. This is what lead ACI to ICF construction. ICF is nothing new it has been around for over 40 years. Building a solid concrete foundation is always the most important step so why not take it vertically. 

ICF construction is literally bulletproof. It is also mold resistant, fire resistant, sound resistant, earthquake resistant, withstands winds up to 210 mph, withstands floods and is one of the most energy efficient ways of building. 

Technology Today

 With all the technology today using the latest in heating and air filtration systems an ICF house can me completely sealed from the outside elements. This creates its own eco system to filter and recirculate, ionize and purify the air you breath.  

Let ACI present to you the latest in innovative building using ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) to build your next home or commercial building. ACI truly believe this is a system that makes budget sense and will be the future for many types of building projects. 
ACI has partnered with Fox Block for their unbelievable quality, service and willing to take the time to work with builders and homeowners in the industry to show ICF building is a more economical approach. 

ICF is Earthquake Resistant

Wind Resistant

Winds of up to 200 mph

Fire Resistant

Perfect for Fire Prone Areas.

ICF Home Project Showcase